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Busman Parking 3D: Bus Game to Blow You Away


Busman Parking 3D
Busman Parking 3D
Busman Parking 3D is a bus driving/parking simulator which immerses players in the world of a bus driver navigating treacherous parking lots filled with other buses, narrow passageways and small parking spots. The game provides arrows as you go along so you do not make the wrong turn and end up at a dead end while racing against the clock. Each level is timed and the faster you complete the level (and the lower the damage to your bus), the higher the score. The controls are crisp, responsive and overall very impressive for a flash game. With 20 levels of gameplay, its diverse array of maps to traverse provides hours of fun. The game features two camera angles (a "top-down" view and a "third-person" view), which you can switch between at the press of a button, to find the angle that will allow you to move around the tight spaces most efficiently. Some levels seem to have impossibly small spaces to maneuver, and may cause some frustration until you have an "ah-ha" moment. Several stages require the player to parallel park the bus or reverse into the parking spot, offering an even more challenging experience.

The scoring system makes this game's replay value as high as any flash game out there. You may find yourself going back to replay levels once you have become more well acquainted with the controls in an effort to beat your best score. The visuals are very good, barring a few texture issues here and there, and offer a fairly realistic feeling of actually driving a bus. While steering, you actually have to wait for the wheel to turn completely before you experience the full steering radius, making for a more immersive experience. Overall, Busman Parking 3D made for a very fun experience and is recommended for kids and young adults alike.
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