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Crazy ATV Stunts Game Review

Playing racing games is always fun for me. With the popularity of ATV games though, many are pretty redundant, requiring you to handle the vehicle left and right and pass other vehicles. However, some have managed to incorporate deeper gameplay elements based on estimation , speed control and gravity. Crazy ATV stunts is a game that attempts this approach. Crazy ATV Stunts is an interesting flash racing game. It pits the user to handle their vehicle through various challenges which comprises of ramps, hills and crevices. You collect points and, for all the show -offs out there, could display the points you accomplish  on a scoreboard.

As you begin Crazy ATV Stunts, eye catching bright animation dances across your screen. It really comes with a nice intro with the type of effects from film that is associated with extreme sports. You know those effects;shaky camera, spotty with a dirty touch that gives a nice feel for the game and this type of sport. I can best describe the look as radical. The sound effects are a good touch also and it can be endearing. The music is great at start up and I loved it. It was replaced by less frenetic music that I enjoyed at first but after playing it for a while it really got on my nerves. Thank goodness for an easily accessible sound icon! The original music, in my opinion, should have stayed.

The game environment can best be described as bleak. It suits the feel of the game , but I think they went a bit overboard with it's grittiness. It is not the prettiest thing to look at when playing in an under-stimulating environment. However, the important thing is the gameplay. This game has great physics and simple controls.They placed some interesting obstacles which is fun to overcome. It is challenging, though. Very challenging. In order to proceed you need to develop the skill necessary. This wouldn't come easy and having experience in similar games helps. It can be that hard.

Also relating to the gameplay is something I have to admit I haven't seen in a long time playing games. A very limited amount of lives! You are given the classic three lives. It may not sound bad to some but that is a crime in flash video gaming for me. While some other games place you where you started after you crash, this game gives you three crashes and then, only then you can continue playing after placing your scores in the scoreboard. This robs the game of any flow because you will crash so many times that you will always be prompted to place your score-even if it's nothing significant. You then have to start the game all over again. Yes, all over again.

Crazy ATV gives a decent source of entertainment, though it is not something I would recommend over more engaging games. The control of the game is good , but their including a limited mount of lives mean that the user must either love ATVs or is committed to playing a game that can be mean at times.There's a good reason for that scoreboard. By posting a high score, you deserve all the recognition. For a time waster , it might work for you. Just remember to keep your cool.

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